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State Certified Hawaii Surf School
Waikiki Surf Lessons
(808) 375 3137
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Instructor #2
Instructor #1
Martin the Medic- Surfer since 1966, Began instructing in Waikiki in 1968.
Has worked as a Firefighter/EMT and certified Lifeguard for over 30 years
and has been offering the TANDEM surfing experience to first timer
surfers for the past ten years without a single injury!
Albert the GOOF- State Certified Surf Instructor. He has been teaching and
surfing almost his whole life. GROUP Lessons is his Specialty!!
Instructor #3
DWAYNE the DUDE-  a  Certified Surf Instructor that Wins alot of the local surf Contest's      
He has been Teaching for about 10 years! PRIVATE Lessons is his Specialty!!!
Jinz the book worm Junky- always taking some kind of exam, although she 'SAYS' she hates it?
We all know her life wouldn't be complete without  doing that, hehehe!. She has been surfing
waves like the one you see below, within her 1st 3months of being a Wave-Rider,most locals &
Hawn's never surf'd that in there lives . Children lessons is her Specialty!
Instructor #4
12 ft.